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Nieuw ,. Nu kopen - Toevoegen aan Volglijst Toegevoegd aan uw Volglijst. After the flash, the Tech could not calibrate the steering sensor. Better yet, you want your customers to recommend your business to others. Word-of-mouth and personal recommendations are much more powerful than online reviews or picking the top search engine result. What are your business goals?

What activities do you have planned to help achieve those goals? Vehicle: Chevrolet Impala V Problem : The Customer stated that it was running fine and just would not start one morning. The tech checked for spark and injector pulse — found none. The tech substituted a good known relay — no luck. At times, the customer has driven up over miles and not set a code. The fuel system checked out okay.

Getting Your New Jersey Car Inspected Is About To Change Big Time | Mendham, NJ Patch

There were nearly 3, new product announcements, tricked-out vehicles of all kinds, and too many fun events to list. Not everyone can diagnose vehicles. It takes special skills, training, tools and experience to be successful. There are OEM parts, high-quality aftermarket parts, lower quality aftermarket parts, refurbished parts and everything in between.

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How does your shop handle it when a customer declines regular maintenance procedures? It happens all the time.

Vehicle: Saab L Problem: The low-beam headlights worked fine but the high-beams did not work. The fuses were good. It appears the light switch was working because, when using the fog lights, they go out when turning on the high-beams. There are many ways to innovate—from streamlining processes to adopting new technologies to improving employee training.

Shops across the country are making changes to speed the repair process, while also making it more pleasant for customers to bring in their vehicles. TSBs describe known conditions or manufacturer-recommended changes in. Hybrid owners may not need to replace the hybrid battery due to failure as frequently as they fear—but another fear is rising in its place. There has been an increase in the number of hybrid vehicle battery thefts.

The list goes on, with new hybrid vehicles being introduced—and familiar models being offered as hybrids—nearly every. Vehicle: Chevy Express 6. Problem: The truck had a diagnostic trouble code, P20EE NOx catalyst efficiency below threshold , and no other symptoms. The diesel exhaust fluid DEF had not become contaminated. From the year-old who just graduated from high school to the career changer in his or her 40s, technicians enter the field of automotive repair with different levels of health and fitness.

UEG Week 2015 Poster Presentations

Automotive repair requires constant changes in body positions throughout the work shift,. Why are we barely keeping our heads above water? The rising costs associated with running an. Problem: The blower motor operated with ancillary power and ground provided but the blower module was not getting a signal from the HVAC module. Problem: After replacing the battery, the customer noticed the rear suspension was lower than normal.

As a shop owner, your goals include looking for ways to increase your business and, even more importantly, to secure repeat business. There is one way you can achieve both goals, of increasing and ensuring repeat business:. Vehicle: Dodge Intrepid V Vacuum gauge needle is bouncing and vacuum is very low.

Vehicle: Pontiac Grand Prix, V Problem: This vehicle came into the shop with DTC P, which sets again immediately after clearing the code. The customer noticed the engine stumbles on mild acceleration. Vehicle: Honda Civic Sedan, L Are young technicians an endangered species? Brian Canning, a columnist with Motor Age, thinks so.