Motor vehicle event data recorder

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All you need is a Squarell interface connected to the vehicle CANbus. A new device profile and a new device configuration file need to be loaded to the device. A modem is needed to send the data. The deceleration value to trigger the event data recorder is adjustable by the Telematics Service Provider.

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  • All new cars have some form of EDR.
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In this example, the fast decreasing vehicle speed triggered the event data recorder. As shown in the second graph: the accelerator pedal was released prior to the event, and the driver was braking during the event. Log data just before and after a possible event.

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Event Data Recorder

What is an event data recorder? Why use an event data recorder? You wish to receive information by e-mail or telephone, without obligations? What do you need? States have different laws governing the release of the data.

But even on vehicles where it is accessible, special tools are required to get it. The IIHS says police or investigators can access the data with the owner's consent, or can obtain a court order to gain access if the owner refuses.

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NHTSA says field studies have shown that the devices can increase driver safety by helping modify driver behavior, and the agency cites studies showing commercial fleets have seen crash reductions of as much as 30 percent in vehicles so equipped. A study by the agency determined: "The results of the engineering analysis show that EDR data can objectively report real-world crash data and therefore be a powerful investigative and research tool, by providing very useful information to crash reconstruction experts and vehicle safety researchers.

Due to significant limitations however, EDR data should always be used in conjunction with other data sources. NHTSA estimates manufacturer cost to comply with the regulations will be about 17 cents per car. Consumers Union , the advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, has supported standardizing black-box data , so accident investigators can use it to improve the safety of future vehicles and crashes. We've spoken to trauma centers that say that the data, in individual cases, would be invaluable in diagnosing injuries of the accident victims.

But we also believe that the owners of the cars should own the data, and we have concerns over the privacy implications of its use. Overall, the NHTSA rule is a strong step forward in improving auto safety, one in line with our recommendations for improving U.

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Event Data Recorder (EDR) - Squarell Technology

Please call Member Services at Subscribers only Sign in or Subscribe now! Forgot password? Check this box if you wish to have a copy mailed to you. The data must include: The forward and lateral crash force.

Event Data Recorder (EDR)

The crash event duration. Indicated vehicle speed. Accelerator position.

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