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Each of these components is usually an integer, but the seconds can be a decimal number in case of need of a greater precision. One angle degree includes 60 angle minutes and one angule minute consists of 60 angle seconds of arc.

Use the name and/or address of the place

Unlike decimal coordinates the sexagesimal coordinates can not be negative. In their case, the letter W or E is added to the longitude to specify the position east-west from the Greenwich meridian, and the letter N or S to the latitude to designate the hemisphere North or South. On the website homepage , when you enter coordinates in one of the formats on the left column , they are automatically converted to the other format.

Also, when you visualize an address on the map, or after clicking on a point on the map, its coordinates in the two units are displayed in the left column. Latitude and longitude or coordinates finder. Toggle navigation iti log. Coordinates Decimal degrees. Degrees, Minutes, Seconds. Coordinates GPS coordinates are formed by two components that are a latitude , giving the north-south position, and a longitude , giving the east-west position.

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Latitude definition The latitude of a point is the measurement of the angle formed by the equatorial plane with the line connecting this point to the center of the Earth. Longitude definition The principle is the same for the longitude, with the difference that there is no natural reference like the equator for the latitude.

I drove a big time company exec for several years. I used this ALL the time. It has always worked for me. Make sure to use a , street address, town, state and zip code. It has never failed me yet. Found a geocache floating in a stream in Iowa while canoeing. The last date signed was in I was curious where it came from. It Read Stage 22 N42 It will not show me my location.

If I put an exact address, it will show, Longitude: 0. A street address co-ordinates will be very useful if you guys are using Google APIs - it should be possible!! This is making this really easy to understand for not just me but for those who do not understand this type of things that are hard for people. So all I have to say now really is that whoever made this website is a genius because I still could not get the latitude and longitude but after using this website I would just know the latitude and longitude.

Hi i have these coordinates but i do not know which type they are: x Every place I enter returns an error message. I even used the London example and it didn't work, just says saying "invalid zoom".

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Please help! Dear Rodgers, Thanks a lot for your visit to our website. But we currently do not have an API. Hello, This is a wonderful system for looking up the codes. But do you have an api that i can call to acquire the codes and use in my system?

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If yes, how can i get a token to the api? Dear Jack, thanks a lot for your visiting to our website. You can use "Lat Long to Address" section on top of the page to find the address on the map. I have the Lat and Long. We have the exact measurements, but I want to input them into some sort of map so i can see how far we traveled along the grade. Would love to see a Satellite view of it!! How do I enter them to "see" where we were on a satellite photo?

It works for while then it stops working. Also i had to double check on google maps because this site took me to the wrong area's. This website uses cookies to collect information about how you interact with our website. We use this information in order to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics about our visitors. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our Privacy Policy.

Place Name Find Add the country code for better results. Ex: London, UK Looking for the lat long, please wait Lat Long 0,0. GPS Coordinates 0 0.

Use the name and/or address of the place

Share this location link Copy and paste the html code above in your website to share. Location page url. Thank you for using latlong. Shanii Good and useful. Ruby khare Sometimes the websites does not work. BharatAhir This is very useful. Dalton Greene Thank you. I making a wood sign for my porch, and your site provided the details needed.

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