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LinkedIn is a business database comprised of more than 20 million professionals from all over the world.

Once they are registered with the site, members can include current and previous schools and colleges. Individuals looking to connect with former classmates can simply enter the name of the school into the site's search engine. Since LinkedIn is based on network connections, there's a chance that by finding one former schoolmate, you will automatically be hooked up with other alumni.

The free portion of the membership is by far more lenient than those of alumni networks.

How to Find Classmates From Elementary School

On LinkedIn, you can also:. The most popular of all social networks with more million registered users, MySpace allows you to create a public or private profile and search for others, all for free. These profiles can contain any number of identifying factors about yourself including:.

To find a former classmate, simply enter any of the above mentioned factors into the site's free search. It's really that simple. If you locate a former schoolmate and his or her profile is private, simply send a message via the MySpace profile and with any luck, you will be added to his or her friend's list.

Schools in Canada:

Originally created to bring classmates together from high schools and colleges, Facebook now also connects former students as well. With more than 70 million registered members, Facebook is now the second most popular social network, coming in behind MySpace. This free network allows you to join networks made up of schools, places of employment or geographic regions. It also lets you:.

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All Rights Reserved. Haydock Intermediate School Oxnard, California. Indio Middle School Indio, California.

King Middle School Berkeley, California. Merryhill Middle School Sacramento, California. Mulcahy Middle School Tulare, California.

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Northridge Middle School Northridge, California. Oakland Charter Academy Oakland, California. Opportunity School Firebaugh, California. Paradise Middle School Paradise, California. Pomolita Middle School Ukiah, California.


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Portola Middle School Tarzana, California. Preuss School La Jolla, California.

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River Middle School Napa, California. Russell Middle School Milpitas, California. Sierra Middle School Stockton, California.