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But I do get in box messages everyday to reexplain myself CenturyLink bill was credited to my father-in-laws account. I pay online, no idea how this happened. He called them, I contacted them. The agent told me there's nothing they can do without a confirmation number which I don't have. It's not my mistake! Terrible customer service!. So CenturyLink came out and replaced our comcast internet. WiFi now sucks ass, and is not usable on certain devices due to signal strength.

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CenturyLinkHelp I've already spoken with someone while trying to hook the modem up, supposed to have the "right" modem tomorrow.. But I definitely would like my bill "adjusted" to meet the service I've received.. If you can handle that please let me know! Not a happy CenturyLink customer Been without WiFi since last weekend and finally the modem arrives just to be the wrong one that isn't compatible with my service CenturyLinkHelp Unfortunately they do not work.

There is no other feature in CenturyLink that supports this. I've talked with numerous people via chat and phone calls to support. CenturyLinkHelp Lol! Yeah I've been doing that this whole time with no help.

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Supposedly there is another outage in my area for the 3rd time in a month. And dming has done nothing to help, calling customer service has done nothing to help the guy today was actually pretty rude. CenturyLink has to be the biggest joke of an internet company.

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Seriously my internet has gone down once a week for 2 months with no resolution! And every month before it went down once a month! So done! Been with them for years! And now this is how we are treated! CenturyLink one of your own employees suggested we go to social media to voice our extreme displeasure with being a customer of your poorly run company. YouTube, netflix, hulu, PrimeVideo unsupported. There's nothing "luxury" about the service you provide rural America. I literally can not stand this internet CenturyLink.

I have been trying to play games and I get throttled to ms ping when I am usually at ms. Please fix your shit. CenturyLink Meanwhile i have CenturyLink and pay for 30mb and keep getting throttled down to 20ish.

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And have monthly loss of service days at a time. CenturyLinkHelp CenturyLink yet another day. No resolution. No updates. No results. No internet. Higher prices. No justification. No phone call. CenturyLink CenturyLinkHelp my entire town has had sporadic to no internet service for 2 weeks now.

We are discussing on fb, and we are all getting different stories from you. Think I might call Xfinity this weekend seeing if they have higher then 5mbps upload speed in Mu area and any kind up unlimited no data cap plan.

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Centurylink will Tweet to me in a few minutes to make it look as if I was on a service call with them. That is what usually happens after such an attack to my computer. CenturyLink To all those who are considering Century Link internet on the westside of Albuquerque, dont do it. Go with Comcast. Hope it works out. Not that it matters now, but I know somebody else in the hood that is considering the reverse switch due to issue 1. Nice not only does CenturyLink slow my internet from 5mbs down to 3mbs now it doesn't work at all.

So tired of companies not caring about their customers. Bad service and worst customer service. Uggg ETA tomorrow sad sad sad saharacomputer centurylink. CenturyLinkHelp You guys should do something more than mere apologizing everytime I tweet. Take some step, solve my issue. Service comes and goes.

You keep me on hold when called, which gets disconnected eventually. No solution. Hindi 1. Korean 1.

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Chinese 1. Arabic 1. Mandarin 0. Cantonese 0. Swahili 0. Telugu 0. Marathi 0. Hmong 0. Shan 0. Russian 0. Czech 0. CenturyLink Careers. Verizon 4. Harris 4. First Data 4. Fiserv 3. Cisco Systems 3. Windstream Holdings 3. Time Warner 3. CenturyLink 3. Dell 3. XO Communications 3. Comcast 3. RCN 3. Xerox 3.

get link Mediacom Communications 3. Spectrum 2. Frontier Communications 2.

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