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However, gifts and inheritances that either spouse receives while married are categorized as separate property. Property that a spouse receives in exchange for separate property is treated as separate property. Additionally, property that is deemed separate in a postnuptial agreement will be treated as such when property is divided. Property division can be a complicated issue during divorce, and unfortunately, the disposition of property is typically not open to modification later.

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I have read the disclaimer. Law Pay. Susan E. To help determine the amount for spousal maintenance it is important to look at the standard of living prior to the divorce. There are four forms of spousal maintenance.

The first is temporary maintenance, which is paid from one spouse to the other until a final decision on spousal support can be made. Rehabilitative maintenance is awarded to assist one spouse to complete an education or meet other transition needs such as debt payment or temporary health issues that will help the other spouse to become financially self-sufficient.

Permanent maintenance is awarded for either a specified period of time or an open-ended period of time. Maintenance in gross is a lump sum award in addition to the property division to give one spouse sufficient assets to avoid the need for rehabilitative or permanent spousal maintenance.

Rehabilitative and permanent maintenance are subject to future post-divorce modification or early termination under certain circumstances. Maintenance in gross is an absolute obligation that can not be modified or terminated.

If the parents agree about the custody and visitation issues relating to their children the court will usually accept such agreements. Custody is the legal decision making authority with regard to the child which may be placed with one parent sole custody or shared by both parents joint custody. Visitation is the schedule for the parents to be responsible for and spend time with the child.

At the outset of the initial case involving custody, the parties must attend a court approved education program regarding the impact of the legal proceedings upon children.

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If the parties are unable to promptly agree on custody and visitation, court approved mediation will be required unless there is clear evidence that such mediation would be futile. If the custody and visitation issues can not be resolved through mediation, the court will hold a hearing on all relevant custody and visitation issues to determine the best interests of the child. To fully develop the relevant information, the court may appoint an attorney or other representative for the child, usually referred to as a Guardian ad Litem.

If there are significant parenting issues, the court or either party may propose the parties undergo a custody evaluation by a qualified professional, such as a psychologist. Testimony from expert witnesses, such as educators or physicians may also be relevant.

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Child support is the amount that the court determines should be paid from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to help maintain the children until they graduate high school or reach age 19, whichever occurs first. Child support determinations can only be altered if there has been a substantial change in the circumstances relating to the children or the parties. Determination of the net income requires a close review of the finances of the parties.

The court will apply the statutory percentages to the net income unless either party can demonstrate a need for a deviation up or down from the statutory amount due to the finances of the parties, needs of the children, and any other support of the children provided by the paying party. Illinois provides for either parent to seek contribution from the other parent towards the support of the child after graduation from high school or age 19, whichever occurs first to meet the needs of a disabled child or to aid in the post-secondary education of a child.

All debts acquired during marriage will be considered marital debts and will be allocated by the parties or the court to minimize the future financial entanglements of the parties.

Commingling and Transmutation

Debts on property, such as mortgages and car loans, will go with the property. Unsecured debts, such as credit cards or personal loans, will be divided based upon who is legally liable for the creditors, who received the benefit of the debt, and who can best afford to pay off the debt. The divorce judgment only allocates the debts between the spouses and does not affect the rights of the creditor to pursue collection from either or both spouses after the divorce so that the debt allocation should be carefully structured to avoid future collection efforts against one spouse for future non-payment of debts by the other.

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