How do you find someones birthdate

In the absence of a birth certificate, check their marriage certificate status, as this may include a date of birth as well. Lastly, people accumulate mementos during their lives that can also attest, if not to their exact date of birth, at least to their age. A high school senior yearbook, for example, is good confirmation of a person's status as a year-old, give or take a couple of years.

A call to the high school may be able to yield an exact date of birth. There are a wide variety of people-search tools on the internet that amass a great deal of information on individuals from public records.

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For example, the Census records are available online and can confirm the age of individuals alive at the time the census was conducted. Try a free search at Pipl.

Even a fee-based service like Intelius provides some information — age included — that you can access at no cost. In addition, the reports contain a slew of information on a person's financial and credit history that may be of interest as well.

How To Find Out Someone's Birthday

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How to Find a Person's Date of Birth for Free

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