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It will help you decide if the condition of the car and its features are worth what the seller is asking for. Accurately pricing your car will help it to sell faster. Knowing the value of your car will also help you in negotiation, as you'll know whether the buyer is driving the price down too low. We'll give you both a private sale price and a part-exchange price, so you can work out which method of sale is best for you.

A car's value is ordinarily decided by the year it was made, its mileage how far it's been driven and other factors. Car valuations offer a good guide price, but each car is unique and factors like an individual car's mileage can increase or decrease the car's value.

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Any optional extras that make a car stand out, for example a rear-facing camera to help with parking or an in-built sat nav and multimedia system, can fetch a higher selling price. Some colours are more popular than others, so a car in a sought-after colour can be worth more.

More than 60% of all used cars imported from the U.S. to Europe have a negative history

Our car values are based on the car being in a good condition — so it could have some minor wear and tear like small stains or scratches. If a car has no damage at all and is in an excellent condition, it's likely to be worth more than our guide price. A car with a complete record of all services can be worth more than one that has some gaps in the service history. Our car values assume the car has some minor damage, like a small stain on the back seat or scratch on the bumper.

If the damage is any more significant than this, it's likely to reduce the value of the car. If anything needs fixing, for example a seat warmer or electric window doesn't work, it will have a negative impact on the car's value. Our valuations assume a car is in good working order.

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  • If there isn't a current MOT, or significant gaps in the records of services, it can reduce the value of a car. Usually, the fewer owners the more a car is worth. So, if a car has been sold many times before it can reduce the value.

    Discover your car's value in under 60 seconds

    Our free car valuation report gives you an idea of the market value of your car. Whether you're buying, selling or part-exchanging, it pays to do your research so you don't get stung financially:. Take a look at our guides if you'd like more information on car valuation, buying a car or selling a car.

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    What's your car worth?

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      10 Mistakes Lots of People Make When Buying a New Car

      You are here: Home Used car valuation. Free car valuation Find out how much a car is worth. Why, you ask? We take the valuation of your car seriously. To provide you with an up-to-date market ready estimate, we use a highly trained team of specialist researchers. Working with industry experts, we regularly analyse data from our extensive preowned car listings and prices shared by major dealerships, as well as information from leading car auctions.

      We use all this data to calculate the value of your vehicle. We compare the current market price of your make and model and account for depreciation and mileage, to create a realistic estimate of your car's worth. Using our expert valuation tool, find out what you could realistically get for your car in advance and sell with confidence. With Motors. You can list your car for free for four weeks and re-list your vehicle for free too!